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Our Plan to Meet the Challenge

Athletics in the Olympics offers an extraordinary level of competition. We intend to represent the United States of America and win Gold at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Enoshima, Japan by becoming the best Women’s 470 sailors. To meet this challenge, we will start with phase one. We bring the following to the field:

● Two mature, experienced and successful competitive sailors with years of training and racing on the water from Optis, to club 420s, to international 420s and now the 470 olympic dinghy.
● Training together as Skipper and Crew, we are combining our knowledge about wind, tuning the boat, racing tactics, balance, strategy, and winning. Together, we reinforce one of our biggest assets…we both never give up.
● We are coachable and we have identified the right coaches for us to achieve our goals. We will use the coaching we receive to see the areas we can improve, learn new techniques and test new ideas. We know how to keep our egos from becoming an obstacle to learn and performing at our best as a team. We learn from other sailors, particularly the ones we race against.
● We know exactly how hard this will be and are aware of the mental, physical and emotional energy we will need to draw on. We have looked deep within ourselves and found confidence that we are precisely where we want to be, including that we are a great team together.
● It will take researching the Olympics, previous 470 medalists, the venue, our prospective competition, the weather, the myriad of 470 tuning settings and logging our boat speed in various wind, current and wave conditions, and finally reviewing and analyzing our performance.
● Most of all, we know we need near-constant time on the water, including competing in multiple international regattas and olympic test events, and we are committed to putting that time in from now until the Olympics — but we need the support of others to make us successful.

About Nikki -Skipper

I was born and raised on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I started sailing at the age of six with the intention of beating the guys I sailed against. I’ve always liked the competitive nature of the sport and from my days of sailing in Opti’s and International 420’s to sailing in the 470 I’ve competed at the highest levels. I am currently attached to Sector Miami and active duty in the US Coast Guard. I have been granted a Support Allowance Billet which will allow me to train full time until the end of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games Most Notable Accomplishments: 3rd at ISAF Youth Worlds (Zadar, Croatia), Women’s Nationals
Champion 2016, Quantum Women Sailor of the Year 2016, Sportsman of the year 2017, and
three time All American sailor and All American select.

I am a 2017 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy and a commissioned officer in the United States Coast Guard. I am originally from St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands and a member of the St. Thomas Yacht Club.

I work hard, have fun while I am working, and I never give up.

About Lara

Lara Dallman-Weiss, our crew, is a 2011 graduate of Eckerd College, where she was captain and a four-year member of the sailing team, including winning skipper and crew of the year honors for three years. She was a member of the US Sailing Development Team in the 470 class in 2013. In addition to her dinghy sailing, Lara is a North American champion in the Farr 40 class.

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Miami Training - Getting Ready

Miami Training -- On The Water

Miami Training - Up Close

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