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Athletics in the Olympics offers an extraordinary level of competition. We intend to win Gold at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Enoshima, Japan by becoming the best Women’s 470 sailors. To meet this challenge, we bring the following to the field:

We have years of training and racing on the water from Optis, to club 420s, to international 420s and now to the 470 dingy.

While training together as Skipper and Crew, we are awaking a synergy which combines our knowledge about wind, tuning the boat, racing tactics, balance, strategy, and winning. Together, we reinforce one of our biggest assets…we never give up.

We know how to use the coaching we receive, whether from our own coach or from coaching at a clinic, to see the areas we can improve, to learn new techniques, to test new ideas.

We know how to keep our egos from becoming an obstacle to learning. We learn from other sailors, particularly the ones we race against, and we listen all the time.

We know exactly how hard this will be and are aware of the mental, physical and emotional energy we will need to draw on.

We have looked deep within ourselves and found a confidence that where we are now is precisely where we want to be.

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Thank you to all of the members who served under this flag 🇺🇸, protecting our freedom, and sacrificing for our country. THANK YOU!

If you see a veteran today, don’t just thank them for their service, ask them about it! Learn more about their dedication...you’re bound to hear a great sea story or two 😏

📸: @realsaltydogs

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There’s no where else we would rather be than on the water, getting lost in the dance of searching for the perfectly balanced boat, under the 🇺🇸 ...

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3 weeks ago

Perfect Vision Sailing
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Coming in Hot 🌶 Just finished up an incredible training camp here in Miami! We sailed out to the Gulf Stream 🌊 and kept on going. These grueling days were all about working on speed and maneuvers.

We aren’t sad that this training camp is over though, because we have another one right around the corner! Stay tuned 😉

📸: @luth2008

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Back in Japan 🇯🇵?!? No way! We got these incredible waves and big wind in Miami 🌴🇺🇸! So pumped to learn more with the #olympic venue conditions in our backyard 🦑🐬
📸: @robbybisi

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  • Never Quit, Never Give Up - Nikki Barnes    
  • Perfect Teamwork works Perfectly. - Lara Dallman-Weiss    

Nikki - Early Years

Miami Training - Getting Ready


Miami Training - On the Water

Miami Training - Close Up


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